Is Maiar Free?

Yes, Maiar is free! Moreover, Maiar’s code is open source and will soon be available on Github here.

You’ll always be able to use Maiar without paying with money or personal information.

Why is my privacy important?

Privacy is a fundamental human right and for Maiar it is also one of its core values. 

Decades of technology advancements in personal computing, software technology and smart mobile devices have commoditized data, and transformed it into reusable digital packages that are virtually everywhere; copied, analyzed, sold and resold at the speed of light. The internet, proliferation of cloud infrastructures and democratized access to open-source software, have created the premises for many technology businesses to become attention merchants.

These merchants capture our attention by providing us with free information, services and entertainment, while reselling it to advertisers. Yet advertising is but secondary to their true business model. Instead, by capturing our attention they accumulate vast amounts of data; data more valuable than any immediate advertising revenue. Hence, we are not their customers, but have become their product.

Read more here: Why is my privacy important?

Can I install extensions in Maiar?

Maiar Desktop (for Windows and Mac) supports most of the extensions in the Chrome web store.

There is no support for extensions for Maiar iOS and Android.

Are all ads blocked or are some allowed?

Tracking scripts (trackers) and ads that depend on them are blocked by default in Maiar.
You can disable or re-enable blocking ads and trackers in the Maiar Safeguard settings. These settings can be applied to all sites, or specific sites in particular. It is up to you.

Why build a new browser and not extensions for top browsers?

Building our own browser put us in a unique position to deliver the best features and experience for speed and privacy.

The best time to care about the internet, its design and impact was 20 years ago; the second-best time is today. We want to help accelerate the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 and reinvent the web. Building Maiar is the most effective way of doing that. We may develop extensions in the future, if our users really need them.

Why does Maiar share its engine with Google Chrome and components like the Shield with Brave?

We often get asked about the relationship between Maiar, Google Chrome and Brave. While we rely on the Chromium engine (maintained by the Chromium project) and on the Brave Shield component, this is where similarities end. 

The reasoning is as follows: different browsers use different engines, but upon closer research we have found the Chromium engine code to be more secure and most widely used. Developing a new engine from scratch would have taken far too long and would have required significant resources. It’s the same reason why nobody has built a new engine from scratch in the last 20 years.

Unlike Google, our business model is not about collecting massive user data and monetizing it. We don’t collect usage data, we only look for an aggregate number of users. We don’t use the Google sync servers for syncing devices, and therefore we cannot share data with Chrome.

In short, as it’s unable to get any data from Maiar users, Google does not benefit from Maiar being based on Chromium.

Unlike Brave, our business model is not about re-inventing the advertising industry by using rewards and the BAT token. While our immediate focus is privacy, we’re on a mission to rethink the web and monetization from the ground up, not just the advertising model.

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